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Charu – Rasam – Indian Andhra Telangana Rayalseema Costa Telugu Recipes – Vegetarian Cuisine Food

Exhaustive recipe text in English available on http://www.gayatrivantillu.com/recipes-2/chaaru-rasam-perugu-pachhallu-etc/charu If one can prepare a good Cha…
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how to cook chicken madras, madras is a fairly hot indian dish.

Andhra Charu Costa Cuisine Food Indian Rasam Rayalseema Recipes Telangana Telugu Vegetarian

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  1. thank you for this

  2. Awesome recipe!

  3. Awesome gayatriji..any specific reason for not adding cooked tur daal ji?
    Thank you ..:)

  4. just found that link you said.. convert tomato paste to sauce, that’s NOT
    what I asked for..I ASKED HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR TANGY SAUCE, is this a
    difficult question for you or what????

  5. can you give a direct link to ..how to make tangy sauce as I can’y find it
    any where?

  6. thanks for your video, but all of no use unless you tell us how to make
    your tangy sauce

  7. How do you pre cook your chicken? Its always so soft from takeaways.

  8. Indian Restaurant Cooking

    Hi thank for watching and your points, you have to understand that this is
    commercial cooking and not home cooking, I do agree time to mature but we
    pre cook chicken and meat.

  9. just looks like spicy chicken soup…how can you justify cooking spices in
    such a short time I’ve always been taught they have to be cooked over a
    long period of time to let them mature.. not 5 or 6 minutes..great video
    well presented

  10. Thanks for sharing these recipes, I made my first really good
    restaurant-style curry last night thanks to these and some other videos on
    here. Would be interested in what’s in your “tangy tomato sauce”. Anyone
    interested in the “naga” chillies, they’re basically the same as habanero
    chillies, very hot lantern-shaped chillies you can find in Indian grocers
    and some supermarkets. Be very careful with them, they are viciously hot.
    Safer to buy a ready-made naga/habanero sauce in a bottle I reckon!

  11. Dave H- Currihell

    A madras with a bit of a kick !! Can you post the recipe for your naga
    sauce as i’m sure it’s better than Mr Naga pickle. How do you make your
    special tomato paste that’s added to all your curries?

  12. Thanks very much, I look forward to it :)

  13. Indian Restaurant Cooking

    Hi,thank you so much for watching my videos, I will do a video on
    per-cooked chicken soon. Thank you for your support Ali

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